Work Packages

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WP1 and WP6 will focus on dissemination and implementation.

There are four technical WPs:

WP2 will gather all the information required to identify relevant test sites. This includes identifying relevant connected and automated driving test sites in Europe and beyond and produce a catalogue of test sites.

WP3 consists of mapping out the key performance areas of the test sites relevant to NRA business priorities and determining stakeholder requirements.

WP4 will concentrate on providing recommendations based on a synthesis of the experience from influential test sites in the areas of safety, traffic operations, customer service, maintenance as well as socio-economic assessment.

WP5 will finalize the findings and investigations carried out in work-packages 2, 3 and 4 in the synthesized and practical guidance for NRAs.

Work Package 1 

Project Management


Work Package 2:

Overview of connected and automated driving testes sites


Work Package 3:

Test sites and data collection 


Work Package 4:

Analysis and impact assessment of test sites


Work Package 5:

Reporting and Recommendations 

Maple Consulting

Work Package 6: